Styx Mill

Residential Subdivision

Project Details

Type of Development: Residential Estate, Country Club and Cafe
Location: Northwood, Christchurch, New Zealand
Purchase Date: August 2005
Completion: 2009
Number of lots: 266. 226 sections and 40 Villa sites
Number of shops: 1

On the north western boundary of the city of Christchurch, Styx Mill offers a unique lifestyle experience. Just 15 minutes from the central city and 4 minutes from the internationally renowned Clearwater Golf Resort, the Groynes Recreation Reserve and Willowbank Wildlife Park, Styx Mill Estate is the perfect place to live and play.

The community offers three tennis courts, indoor pools, BBQ terraced seating area, sauna and spa, beautician, and a gymnasium to the 266 families who call Styx Mill Estate home. The facilities are owned and managed by the residents' incorporated society. Jagz Café offers excellent alfresco style food and coffee morning to night across the week.

Styx Mill Estate is unique and its prized homes and gardens reflect the spirit of its residents.