Shopping Centre

Project Details

Type of Development: Retail shopping centre rebuild and extensions
Location: Northbridge, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Purchase Date: 1987
Development Approval: Numerous from 1989 to 2001
Completion: November 2001
Sold: 2004
New Lettable Area: 7,784sqm
Number of Tenancies: Woolworth's, 43 Specialty Shops
Car Parking: 385 car spaces

Purchased in 1987, this centre comprised a Woolworths Supermarket and 34 speciality shops.

One of the worst performing retail centres in Sydney, it required intensive management, major internal reconstruction to correct design flaws, refurbishment and a new tenancy mix.

The first reconstruction was completed in 1989 with the internal mall area redesigned to ensure that customers passed most tenancies on their way to Woolworth's and additional shops created out of internal open space. New quality retailers were brought in to meet customer needs and the mall was refurbished.

There were at least 4 major renovations, eleven additional shops created, constant tenancy mix upgrades and additional land purchased for extensions and additional parking. One of the most difficult was an underpinning under Woolworth's to create approximately 500 sqm of net leasable area. 

The adjacent service station was acquired to extend Woolworth's and create the pre eminent supermarket on the lower North Shore of Sydney and one of the highest turnover supermarkets in Australia.

The centre's sales per square metre, per annum were at least 2 to 3 times higher than any other shopping centre in Australia based on publicly announced sales reports of the leading and largest shopping centres in industry magazines and financial news media. The turnover of Northbridge Plaza was not publicly announced.

Northbridge Plaza supported the community financially and in many other ways.

We created a quality, successfully trading centre with a welcoming environment and a wonderful place to shop and meet. It was a community and a focal point for the community.

The centre was sold in January 2004