Residential Subdivision

Project Details

Type of Development: Mixed Residential, Retail and Commercial
Location: Kaiapoi, Christchurch New Zealand
Purchase Date: 2006
Development Approval: Final approval 2011
Commencement: February 2012
Completion: 2014 to 2019
Number of lots: Up to 1500
Number of shops: 15 with approximately 10 offices

Silverstream Estates™, Kaiapoi is located 20 minutes North of Christchurch City Centre and is easily accessed by turning left at the Ohoka Exit on the Northern Motorway. It is sited on picturesque land with a pristine stream running throughout and within walking distance of Kaiapoi's riverside shops, eateries and bars.

The Estate when completed will include abundant green reserves, playgrounds, cycle tracks, streamside walkways with activities and convenience shopping to create a community environment with old fashioned neighbourhood values.

550 of a possible 1500 sections were released for sale in December 2011. The Prime Minister, John Key opened Stage 1 on 28 June 2012 together with Earthquake Recovery Minister, Gerry Brownlee and Minister Kate Wilkinson. Stage 1 is SOLD OUT; Stage 2 has 1 lot available; Stage 3a has2 lots available; Stage 4a has 2 lots available; Stage 4b is SOLD OUT; Newly titled Stages 3c & d are available; Stages 2b, c & d and 3b are in the process of being titled and will be available early 2018.

Clients can buy land, design and build their home with a builder of their choice or purchase completed house and land packages. There are also 2, 3 and 4  bedroom villas with their own title for sale. Some villas are alongside the streamside with beautiful views of stream, trees & mountains.

For more information please visit the Silverstream website at